How should screw barrel for plastic squeezer machine be designed?

Using a screw barrel in your plastic squeezer machine can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. The design of the barrel and the position of the feeding port influence how the screw will feed into the plastic. If you are planning to build your own plastic squeezer, you can learn more about designing the barrel and screws to help you achieve optimum performance.Choosing a suitable screw and barrel is one of the most important considerations in the design of a plastic squeezer machine. These are the two major components of the extruder that will affect the quality of the end product.The most basic and most important variable in screw geometry is the pitch. The pitch is the angle that a helix is shaped. This angle is related to the diameter of the screw. If a screw has too many grooves, then it will not be able to convey material effectively.Another important variable is the length of the compaction zone.The larger the compaction zone, the more work the polymer is subjected to. The size of the compaction zone is proportional to the frictional coefficient at the interface between the barrel and the screw. The length of the compaction zone can vary depending on the type of polymer.


SCREW BARREL for granulation machine/ Pelletizer. We have rich experience in pelleting screw barrel. We have developed a variety of new type of granulation machine/Pelleting screw barrel, with different screw designs, greatly improved the production output, and enhance the service life via continuous practice. The screw barrel can be used for materials like PP, PE, ABS, PET, PA, PMMA and all kinds of engineering plastics. We also water granulation type screw barrel, and design for film with new type high efficiency. The screw barrel adopts the special compulsory feeding design system with high efficiency and output which access to the user's praise.

Post time: Dec-22-2022