How to install conical twin screw barrel

There are several features to look for in a conical twin screw barrel. These features include thickness and number of gaskets. The number of gaskets depends on the distance the screw needs to travel. Before installing the screw, it is important to line up the output shaft of the distribution box with the reference point of the screw. After that, you should tighten the big nut that holds the barrel to the screw.A Conical Screw Barrels is used for extrusion process. It is used to produce plastic parts. Its geometrical features are such that it gives high output with lower wear and tear. It also works well for regrinding material. Our company has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing barrel screws.


It has modern production equipments such as large-scale barrel screw production equipment and computer-controlled nitriding furnace. Our company also uses advanced monitoring and testing equipments.Before installing the Conical Screw barrel, it should be cleaned thoroughly and aligned with the extruder gearbox. The screw head should be level with the bottom part of the barrel, while the small head should match the same level as the front part of the barrel. Then, it must be pushed tightly into the barrel.When choosing the right conical screw barrel, there are several factors to consider. One of them is the clearance between the screw shaft and the distribution box.

If the clearance is too large, the material will suffer a low shear rate and will have a poor plasticizing effect. Another factor is the degree of backflow. A serious backflow will cause the material to spend more time in the barrel and will cause it to burn easily. Ideally, the screw barrel clearance should be within 0.200 mm.The conical twin screw barrels are ideal for the processing of PVC materials. This type of screw is designed for high output and long service life. It also features improved mixing and homogeneity. Moreover, the screw geometry is optimized to match the unique PVC material formulations.

When designing a screw barrel, a reference point is critical. It must match the axis of the gearbox and the shaft. The ROTALIGN Ultra allows you to measure the offset from the center of the barrel and the gearbox axis. This can be used to ensure that the barrel is designed properly for the final product.In addition to the reference point, there is also an edge that is parallel to the XY work plane of the mold base assembly. The included angle is generally between one and eight degrees, and more preferably one to five degrees.

Post time: Dec-22-2022